Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Picnic mats

 wearing: cap from american apparel, top from zara, skirt from aland and ancient greek sandals

Bad lighting is probably not the solution and I should probably refrain from doing indoor shoots at night. I hope the editing doesn't burn your eyes and me constantly looking sleepy in every post. I can't get enough of my zara fleece and you guys have probably seen this shirt a gazillion times which is probably be in more posts later on and I'm not regretting it. I'm still hooked on the checkered trend which never fails to remind of picnic mats for some reason and not ready for spring pastels yet so probably sticking with primary colours. I also think I might have a growing penchant for caps/hats/headgear as it holds my hair without getting into my face adding a little tomboy in me(at least I hope so). On the other hand my feet feel caged up in these gladiator sandals but definitely in a snug cool way so I can fly off whenever from my homework when in desperate measures. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Korea video diary

First trips to places are usually more memorable and Korea was definitely very vibrant-bustling night scenes with good local street side food, not to mention the people are friendly despite the language barrier. The trip mostly consisted of good food and beautiful scenery, one of my favourite places was Myeongdong and I had to go there twice just to relish the bright neon lights at night and atmosphere. Just venturing every corner and getting lost was probably much thrilling as you never knew what shops were around the corner.  Though there were some chilly nights the streets were pleasant for strolling. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch the sakuras' blooming but overall it was an enjoyable trip and I would love to go back again!
I made a small video montage and I'm sorry I didn't manage to catch much footage as it was generally walking and exploring streets. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014


top from cdg, fluffy sweater and skirt from topshop and shoes from seed 

Attempting to be more colourful instead of sticking to black articles of clothing. With just the right amount of polka dots to feel a little girly but also with flowers growing on my shirt making sure not to outdo each other. Got this shirt on sale and it was probably more of a happy go lucky scavenger hunt, pretty glad I found it. I'm really loving the teal blue satin skirt which is just the right length and not to mention super comfy. Spring break is on its way and I'm exhilarated to get my head out of the books and actually take a breather for 2 weeks. 


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Friday, March 7, 2014

Fancy shorts

Shirt and sweater from Cos, shorts from Zara, Kara bag and Seed Heritage shoes. 

Exams aren't over just yet, but I managed to slip in some time to do an outfit post before I start studying again. Currently trying to obviate black items from accumulating in my closet so I have made a promise to myself to abstain from buying black. Second, I might be crazy in love with my Kara bag- soft tiny pebblegrains and boxy black to fit anything and everything. While I'm at it, mismatched lemon yellow with mosaic tiles is probably what I'm aiming for till the weekend.


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Sunday, February 23, 2014


Feeling beachy vibes with the tropical weather of Singapore. Haven't posted a song in awhile and thought it was a nice suggestion to start off the Monday blues early. Hope this leaves you in a cheery mood :) 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Iphone diaries

1 `` found some hanging light bulbs hung loosely in the mens' section
2 `` lift selfies. #ootd and damage done to my wallet 
3 `` cool lift ceilings hence the experimentation 
4 `` made a phone call through the tub 
5 `` perks of waking up early: nice cutlery, sugar breakfast with a smoothie. 

Haven't been on here for awhile, sorry for the staggered posts. Mostly because I have nothing and currently buried under the piles of homework that is left undone. Just a short update and lots of experimenting with mirrors. 

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Thursday, January 30, 2014


lace top from pull and bear, denim shirt from urban outfitters, skirt from a.p.c and nike flyknits. pictures by my brother.

Might be over-wearing my denim shirt but it matches with everything so I might as well give in. On the other hand, skating in skirts is probably one of the most challenging things as you have to do it with poise and try not to fall hopelessly sending the board flying in the air. Impromptu shooting today to skate into the Chinese new year, I had to literally beg my brother to help me take photos. Sorry for the irregular posting as I'm currently trying to balance homework with blogging which is obviously failing. Currently burying myself under piles of homework that are all halfway done and probably should get back to it. Other than that, hope you guys have a happy new year stuffing your faces with tons of goodies along with many red packets to come. 

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