Saturday, August 23, 2014

Big sleeves

 crop top from A land, shorts from Brandy Melville and Nike Flyknits. 

I promise I'm normal but I get hyped for Fridays and weekends. Sorry for the crop of the pics, this is what self-timer does to you. So basically, this used to be my favourite top until I washed it and obviously not reading the label that says in bold: "DO NOT WASH". I washed it. Leading to colour run and awkward pink at random areas outlining my shirt. Thank goodness it wasn't streaks. This is the time where a time machine could come in handy.  This is also me going berserk when work and exams accumulate. 

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Friday, August 1, 2014


 Top and Dress from Zara, Bralette from Brandy Melville and Nike Flyknits.

Playing with exposure and natural lighting is a pain because both of them never go well together. First August post showing some bare back which I'm not so sure about. I got these Zara pieces on sale and I'm pretty surprised that the boxy tank fit goes well with flow-wy pleats. Hope this post makes up for all the non blogging last month. Racking my brains right now for inspiration. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Travel Diary

 I am pretty fortunate that I'm allowed to travel a lot and definitely experience different cultures and inhale good food along the way. This summer I went to Barcelona and London consisting of old victorian buildings still preserved and it was nice to see a change of more red bricked houses with chimneys and walk on cobbled stones although it is a difficulty when walking in boots. I've never been to Barcelona before and to soak in the atmosphere-mostly just Gaudi's work, a famous architect who designed cathedrals and houses always with a theme of nature in his works was amazing to learn the backstory of how he gets his inspirations and end up portraying it in his buildings. iPhone uploads  and video diary should be up soon, I hope.

I hope everyone had a good summer too.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Series #2

I'm really into extravagant skirts-poofy, laser cut, printed, you name it. Pretty extravagant to me because I'm usually wearing solid colours where I'm a huge colour block. It's time to wear bathroom floors on your skirts guys, thats the message. Might stick to plain shirts and crazy skirts for a lifetime until I step out of my comfort zone.

On another note: I'm thinking of changing my blog name but I've been so uninspired and lacking creative juices. Also trying each possible future blog name has been taken on the net. 

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

House of Sunny

All photos from

Is it possible to want everything from a whole store? Oversized apron dresses, satin pants, smudge print everything and boxy cuts minimal cropped tops adorned with karate belts. Overload of zippers: on skirts and reversible zippers on jackets with just the right amount of impracticality but having a zipper function is so much more interactive. (Never thought I would use interactive with clothing heh.) Anything pyjama pants is probably what I'm searching for because snuggly clothing that are also tapered are an extra combo-printed ones especially. Apron dresses reminds me of a kangaroo pouch so that I keep all my valuable in the front like a pre-built in fanny pack. 

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Series #1

These were taken by an iPhone hence the grainy pixelated photos, other than that I'm pretty excited for a week more till summer break, going to get a trim soon so my unkempt hair is not looking like an eradicated mess. Taking a breather for the weekends after semi-tests and prepping for my tests during the holidays is definitely something I'm looking half-looking forward to. 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

B & W part 2

Wearing: Top and shorts from H&M and CDG x converse shoes

Went against my word and stayed back to black and played with textures. Never really see myself as a cropped sweatshirt kind of person but here I am exposing skin still sweating like a pig. I've also been on the hunt for lace shorts not too sheer and not too holey so I'd get caught onto people and this might be the one (or many hunts to go). Not to mention its elastic waistband so I can wear it as high for the high waisted looks. Sometimes playing it safe with black and white is probably the easiest method to keep it basic but also everlasting. Also my sneakers are losing its cream look and turning more into leaving black bruises of dirt on them, I probably should start giving it a clean. I must say though I have the awkwardest poses and please excuse my natural sleepy face.


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